Nora Nystuen works in a photographic technique from the 19th century, creating almost magical artworks. Read the interview with the photographer

I think I first became aware of the wet plate collodion process when we (Fotoimport, the place I work) printed Johanne Seines Svendsen´s exhibition for TV-aksjonen in 2013. The theme of TV-aksjonen that year was dementia, and Johanne had taken portraits of young and old people, some of them sort of fading away. I really liked the organic feeling, with fingerprints, peeling and chemical imperfections


“The Stranger” – The first single from Øyvind Holm’s upcoming album “The Unreliable Narrator” out tomorrow August 13 via Crispin Glover Records. Read the interview with Øyvind Holm about the new sound, duet with Kirsti Huke and filming a music video for this single.

Usually, the first single sets the mood for the whole album. Can we say this about “The Strange”?
Both yes and no, I suppose. The album as a whole has turned out quite varied, playing around with several musical moods and expressions…