Meeting Per Viderup

Photo: Olga Bushueva/IHTLNY

Last week I had a nice chat with Per Viderup – chef, restaurateur, author of the books “Belg Selv” and “Mer Kål, Mindre Jål” and just incredibly interesting and inspiring person.
At the end of the convention Per got a five short questions about his green lifestyle and here are the answers

Your book “Mer Kål, Mindre Jål” came in 2019 in second revised edition. What was new in this edition?

New photos by Vangelis Kalos. Some adjustments allover. More Magnus.

How it was to work together with Magnus Børmark?

We both go deep. Care about substantial things in life. We’re playful

What is the main idea of your food philosophy?

Goods made by nature, elegantly crafted the simplest way possible by man in a pan. Maximum soundness minimum shopping.

You are well-known as a inspirator for green food and lifestyle. But what gives you inspiration?

I’m a Craftsman. So, creating and I’m happy to weight on the light progressive side on the scale.

You have a lot of experience in serving plant-based food. You worked as a chef for many years, founded several vegan cafes… So it’s very interesting – if I ask you to describe your perfect dinner, what will it be?

A few simple things, cabbages, legumes, roots – crafted to their max. potential. It’s a feel thing, you see