Yasuragi Land, the new album by Foodman

Probably contemporary Japanese music is not what we’re listening to every day, but Yasuragi Land by Foodman is the perfect start to get inspired by and fall in love with the contemporary music of Land of the Rising Sun. This album has everything we love Japan for – minimalism, Japanese street food market, neon signs, silent beauty of landscapes and a fabulous combination of classical and modern culture, which is not found in any other country in the world


Rise and shine

In a text about darkness and light Peter Englund writes about a night trotter that stumbles around in the darkness holding on to a dangling and small lamp, “he is walking around with night and day swinging back and forth over his feet”. If we turn everything around–hocus pocus– that’s an image of our Empress of Light. Dagny Hay is not stumbling, she is holding the line in the Empire where the sun never sets…