Siw Berg and her Siw Berg Studio

Photo: Olga Bushueva/IHTLNY

Why did you begin to work with fine jewellery?

Siw Berg Studio is my hobby. I have always felt the need to be creative, and making jewellery started as a result of that. A friend of mine and I started making jewellery together at first as a way of being social and creative together. I made jewellery mostly for myself and sometimes as gifts for friends and family. After a while we joined the creative community of Sukker Design who has a small shop at Bakklandet. That was a turning point for me and it was really inspiring seeing that other people actually wanted to buy my designs. A few years ago I started my own brand Siw Berg Studio and since then I have not only learned more about jewellery making but also new things such as jewellery photography and of course social media. My hobby is for me great way to be in constant learning mode, i think

Can you tell a little about technique you use?

I use a combination of different techniques to make jewellery. For example I often combine different stringing and wire working tecniques with silver materials to create the expression i want with the gemstones. I have gradually developed my own expression, focusing mainly on gemstones

Do you have some preferences if we talk about materials?

I mainly work with different semiprecious gemstones and silver materials

Jewellery you make are always unique, refined and elegant. Without doubt we can call them artworks. But where your inspiration come from?

Jewellery making is a kind of zen experience for me. I love the variety in beautiful colours and shapes of the gemstones. The process of combining them with different materials, making them into beautiful jewellery makes me happy. I get inspiration from many different things; colour combinations or different shapes in nature or even my own mood at the moment can inspire into making particular pieces