‘Det vi ikke sa’, a new masterpiece by HEDSSMON

Photo: Martin Losvik

HEDSSMON released their new single ‘Det vi ikke sa’ on Friday February 9th. It’s hard to expect anything other than a masterpiece from this duo and the new single is further proof of this. 

Starting with a nonchalant whistling the melody changes to a pulsating rhythm that creates a bit tense mood, but there are some light notes in between as well. The sound of the project is becoming more and more complex but at the same time harmonious as never before. The children’s choir in the final part of the composition adds even more depth and color to the overall picture of the song.

On ‘Det vi ikke sa’ you get chaos of days, sleepless nights, a glimpse of the daylight that goes back to the darkness again. I can only describe the lyrics of the song as highly poetic. They are so strong that they could easily be a separate work of art. And Jon-Are Masternes’ performance is brilliant as always.

The band’ debut album ‘Radikal Merkelighet 2’, released in 2022, got well deserved great reviews. The double single ‘Partytics’ / ‘Sein Sommer Overload’ came out in September 2023. And HEDSSMON new album is on the way. “We are very much looking forward to the album’s release, and to unveiling the whole picture we have spent time painting”, the band says 

‘Det vi ikke sa’
Recorded at Store Studio, Bodø & at Hamsunsenteret, Hamarøy
Jon-Are Masternes – vocals / production 
Erling Ramskjell – guitar / production 
Kåre Riibe Ramskjell – keys
Anders Skoglund – drums / percussion 
Hallstein Sandvin – bass / mix/ master
Eira, Ellinor & Lilly – very good singing

Listen to the new single here:

Design: Martin Losvik