Alexander Pettersen, ‘Supply/Demand’

Photo: Olga Bushueva / IHTLNY

‘Supply/Demand’, Alexander Pettersen’ third solo album out today via Crispin Glover Records. Knowing Pettersen’ musical biography, it’s easy to assume that everything that has his name on it is a work of art of the highest level. Where the incredible professionalism meets the impeccable taste

And ‘Supply/Demand’ is no exception. All seven songs of the album are true gems. Very different, but each beautiful in its own way. You get catchy 80s tune on ‘Dance Again’, jangly power pop on ‘Smile’, psychedelic vibes on ‘Never Die’, wonderful chamber pop on ‘On The Water’…

Despite the different atmosphere of the compositions, the album as a whole creates an incredibly feel-good mood. Like its cover, the album is shining and colorful. The last song, lovely ‘Sympathy for the Drivel’, works as a song in the closing scene of a very good movie. A movie you’ll enjoy watching over and over again 

“This business of making records seems to be changing. I have always been a great lover of songs but they have always been, to me, one piece of a larger puzzle. An LP is a larger puzzle, and a career is an even larger puzzle”, Alexander Pettersen says. “My biggest heroes have always been the ones who could reinvent themselves, who could change their direction and not feel bound by what they have done before. I don’t know if that is something I have done here, on this record, but I have certainly tried”

Cover design by Marthe Amanda Vannebo

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