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Daman Shurek and their debut album ‘Sunshine’

Photo: Daman Shurek/Press 

Daman Shurek released their debut album ‘Sunshine’ on Friday February 23rd via Fucking North Pole Records. But don’t expect a lovely sunny mood here. The band plays a “chaotic combination of noise rock, hard rock and punk” etc, which sounds pretty cool actually. Add here a bit provocative song’s lyrics so you get a really “in your face” outfit. With the energy level which without a doubt intended for live shows 

Daman Shurek are Tov Espelid (guitar/vocals), Håkon Sakseide (bass/vocals) and Hans Uhre (drums), whom you already know well from the band DRONGO. And Daman Shurek is a kind of diy project – all songs are written and produced by the band, and ‘Sunshine’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Hans Uhre

I had a little chat with the band about their debut album

“Where did Daman Shurek’ aggressive “f*ck you” attitude comes from..?”

Your mom! No it’s just us compensating a lot, in reality we are quite nice people. 

“Cool songs’ titles/lyrics. Who has written them? And how did you end up with such themes?”

Thanks m8! Tov and Håkon write the bulk of the lyrics, with all of us chiming in. All three of us have a love/hate situationship with writing lyrics. The themes come from either things that annoy us or things that are cute, like dogs. And of course you can never go wrong with a good pun!

“You said previously that Daman Shurek’ music is “chaotic combination of noise rock, hard rock and punk with many pop references”. How fun is it to play such stuff?”

Not fun at all, just in it for the money!

“Could you name any band that inspired you? Any local..?”

Noxagt, Göttemia, Moe, Daufødt, Årabrot, Jesus Lizard, Black Midi, and of course our label mates Barren Womb! 

“You three are also playing in DRONGO band. How could you compare these two outfits?”

Daman Shurek is for all the dumb stuff we can’t do with Drongo. 

“Any concert plans for this year?”

We are on a small tour right now to celebrate our album! Come say hi! 
28 feb Akvariet, Stavanger
29 feb Victoria, Bergen
1 mars T2, Ålesund
2 mars Lobbyen, Trondheim

Listen to the album here:
Or get your copy on vinyl at your local record store