‘Massemennesket’, Tidemann & Gud

Photo: Anders Windsor

New single from Trondheim’ prog punk trio Tidemann & Gud’ out today on all streaming services! ‘Massemennesket’ (‘The Mass Man’) is the title track from the band’ upcoming second album. The debut album ‘Kjellermennesket‘ (‘The Cellar Man’) was released in November 2020

“While ‘Kjellermennesket‘ explored the development of the dark sides of the human mind, the album ‘Massemennesket‘ explores an individual’s struggle to find its place among other people”, the band says. “The single describes a crucial turning point in such a struggle, that is, the submission to the idea that one must play along with what is socially accepted to fit in.

This single was originally written by Jørgen Assar Mortensen (guitar and vocals in T&G) in German, in 2017, with the song title ‘Zeitgeist Zombie‘, for yet an unrealized band project. The lyrics described people who sacrificed their individual mind and will for mass consumption. The song was too good to lay unused, and was thus adopted to T&G, rewritten to fit the overarching album project with Norwegian lyrics”

On ‘Massemennesket’ the band’ signature sound took a really new level

“The single follows T&G’s previous preference for dynamic playfulness between soft and heavy music. In addition, it is to date T&G’s most massive song arrangement. Our new drummer Espen Aalberg does not play drums, however, but synthesizer, both drones, harmonies, and bass lines. In fact, the drum tracks were recorded by one of the co-founders of Tidemann & Gud (and its original drummer), Axel Tidemann, in Soundcast Studios in Cape Town, South Africa. Tidemann varies between serene minimalism and dramatic onslaughts of beats. Also, the bass guitar tracks were recorded in Cape Town by bassist Tommy ‘Backbone‘ Mangerud. The vocal tracks were recorded in Jørgen’s home studio at Lundåsen, Trondheim. To ensure harmonic fullness, T&G got backing vocal support by Sven-Arne Skarvik (previous bassist and drummer in T&G) and Theodor Wilhelmsen (front man and vocals in Gnasher). The guitar tracks were recorded in Autumnsongs Studios, Trondheim, with the sound tech Rhys Marsh who helped with creating the big guitar sounds on the album”,  T&G

T&G’ new album will be released January 26th via Fücking North Pole Records. The release concert will take place at Verkstedhallen & Lobbyen, Trondheim, at the same day with Brækkækkel and Asmatisk Gapskratt as support

Listen to the new single here: