Ramblin’ Roy & T B Hurricane Band – Songs of Hank Williams

Photo: Roy Lønhøiden / Design: Bjørn Kulseth

Roy Lønhøiden’s ‘Ramblin’ Roy & T B Hurricane Band – Songs of Hank Williams’ is out today on streaming services!

This “labor of love” project paying tribute to Hank Williams was recorded at T B Hurricane Studio together with Tore Blestrud and Bjørn Haglund. While Lønhøiden took the lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Tore Blestrud contributed on dobro, mandolin, pedal-steel and double bass and Bjørn Haglund on acoustic guitar, percussion and backing vocals. 

Hank Williams, who is considered one of the most significant and influential American singers-songwriters of the 20th century and “the father of contemporary country music”, during his very short musical career wrote songs that have become recognized classics of the genre. 

And it doesn’t seem surprising that Roy Lønhøiden is the person behind this Hank Williams project. Roy Lønhøiden made his debut as a recording artist in 1994 in the duo Peyton Place. In 2004 he released ‘Det Ensomme Landet’, his first solo album. Lønhøiden was nominated for Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian Grammy Awards) in the category country for his second album ‘Sanger Fra Skogen’ (2006) and his third album ‘Når Dagen Demrer Blått (2008). His latest sixth solo album ‘Fra Hànd til Munn’ was released in September 2022.

‘Ramblin’ Roy & T B Hurricane Band – Songs of Hank Williams’ release date was not chosen by chance. On December 31, 1952, Hank Williams was on his way to play a concert in Canton, Ohio. Along the way, somewhere in West Virgina Hank Williams died. He was only 29 years old.

On the new album you’ll find seven of many gems written by Hank Williams – ‘Alone and Forsaken’, ‘I Can’t Get You Off Of My Mind’, ‘I Told A Lie To My Heart’, ‘Ramblin’ Man’, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me (Like You Used To Do)’, ‘Lost On The River’, ‘You Win Again’

Ramblin’ Roy & T B Hurricane Band really gave these songs a new life – remaining true to the original sound and spirit of the compositions, their interpretation makes the songs sound light and without the touch of a certain decade. Combined with virtuoso performance, this makes the album a beautiful gift to all who loves good country music