Ole Jørgen Slundgaard Kristensen and his Kraakeslottet Platekompagni

Photo: Olga Bushueva/IHTLNY

What is the most exciting thing about to start own record label?

Trying to figure out how stuff works, how to operate compared to other labels etc. The most exciting thing is seeing stuff come together and getting closer to reach the goals we set for ourself to begin with

Can we talk a little about your love to lo-fi?

Well, many of the artists and labels I look up to tend to have a DIY-approach, which often also leads to a lo-fi sound. I have a love for “honest” music, artists like Phil Elverum, Jason Molina and Daniel Johnston, and I feel that their lo-fi sound enhances the genuinity of their lyrics

Is it technically difficult to start record label? What equipment is needed?

In 2020 anyone can start a label, you just have to say that you have one, and preferably have a distribution deal. A computer also helps

There are four bands now in the label. Are you looking for new artists?

Yes, we’re always looking for more artists for our roster

These days a lot of music releases on internet platforms, for example Spotify. Do you have ambitious plans to start releasing music on vinyl?

Of course the goal is to start releasing stuff on vinyl. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll have our first release out next spring, which will be when we can start calling ourselves a proper label