Sinnsrot, ‘Mitt Eget Helvete’

Band photo: Sara Pobric

Looking for a soundtrack for gray days…? Check out Sinnsrot band – “the sound of disappointment, inadequacy and fading dreams. The thoughts that keep you awake at night, the emotions that darken your day”

Sinnsrot (Jonas Dalen Espseth & Steffen Lilleevjen) released their debut EP ‘Mitt Eget Helvete’ last week. For this record they teamed up with Tomas Järmyr who has contributed on drums. By the moment, the EP is available digitally on all streaming services. But it’s also planned to be released on cassettes later this fall or early winter

The 27 minutes of the EP gives you sound “rising from the seething darkness of black and doom metal, but with clean and sometimes gospel inspired vocals, haunting trumpets and roaring synthesizers”

“The band has been something I’ve wanted to do for many years, but only when Steffen asked if I wanted to join him at the studio in Christmas 2022 it started to take shape”, Jonas Dalen Espseth says. “We know each other from when we worked together at Blæst, but it was only last year that we started playing music together”

“Next we will try to play live. On the record I play most of the instruments, so it will be a bit of a job to bring in more musicians and rehearse a live show. We would also like to make a new record as soon as possible, it has been a very fun and educational process. We want to reach out with our music and will continue to spend a lot of time on it!”

Listen to the EP here:

Cover photo: Jonas Dalen Espseth
Cover design: Steffen Lilleevjen / Lars-Erik Berg