“Stormbreather”, Simen Loe’ new single is out today via Mother Likes It Records

Photo: Espen Håkonsen

This is the second single from his upcoming album. The first single “Mercy” was released on November 12th and was rotated on NRK P1.

“Stormbreather” is a rocker which lyrically is inspired by the story of PT Barnum and his Grand Traveling Museum.”, Simen Loe tells about his new single 

“I got really fascinated by that story after I heard a podcast about it a few years ago. Because of this fascination I`ve always wanted to retell this story, but with my own words. I mean what better way to keep stories alive than writing one more story about it, right?   

As usual I contacted my guitarist Ola Foss Eriksen and told him about the idea. He found it to be a great one and was (as always) onboard to complete it. I had the chorus ready when we met up in the studio and we wrote the rest of the song together. I wanted the chorus to be big for this one, and also a big guitar riff, which I feel Ola totally nailed. The band delivers so great on this song, and I feel it sounds as “big” when we finished the mix as I dreamt it would do. We also invited a special guest this time. The great Magnus Østvang (Return) on hammond organ. He really lifted this song with his amazing talent.

I really look forward to release the upcoming album and present all of the songs as a whole. We just finished mixing and I am really happy with the results. A great band and a great producer has really given blood, sweat and tears into this, and I am so fortunate to have these people surrounding me. You will hear dark songs, slow songs, fast songs, love songs, rock songs, country songs, quiet songs and loud songs. A lot of variety, but I still feel it fits well together. I hope people will think the same, and that they will find the music exciting. A lot of the music is recorded live, and I hope people will feel that vibe too. The vibe from a big barn in my hometown Mjøndalen.”

Written by Simen Loe (lyrics and music) and Ola Foss Eriksen (music)
Produced and mixed by Fredrik Ryberg
Mastered by Fridtjof Lindeman, Svenska Grammofon

Simen Loe: vocals
Ola Foss Eriksen: guitar
Martin Monrad Hansen: bass guitar/backing vocals
Mats Mæland Jensen : drums/percussion
Magnus Østvang: hammond organ
Fredrik Ryberg: backing vocals

Cover art: Tanja Neverdal