This Friday April 21st MAKTKAMP released their second full length album ‘Caps Lock Woke Rock’

Photo: Anine Desire

Previously this year Oslo based hardcore/hardrock band released three singles from the new album – ‘Tastaturkriger’, ‘Autosapiens’, ‘Alko’ – which clearly showed that the already outstanding MAKTKAMP sound has definitely reached a new level. And you can easily see for yourself – find ‘CLWR’ on streaming services or get your copy on vinyl at your local record store or at

Read the interview with Kjetil Elverum about the band’ sound development, their message to modern society and why MAKTKAMP is undoubtedly a live-band

Your previous album ‘I Affekt’ was released on January 21st, 2022. When have you started working on CLWR?

To be honest, we had started writing CLWR even before ‘I Affekt’ was released. Our guitarist, Kristian, is a riff writing wizard, and by the time I Affekt hit the vinyl press, he had already written a lot of material and songs, so we started molding and shaping that into the album. We’re extremely hungry, and constantly strive towards the next album to tour, rather than to dawdle on past achievements. In that regard, we are so blessed with having Marius Melleby as a member of our band. What a guy! He runs Red Line Studio – a small, charming and extremely well equipped recording studio at Fornebu – where we have recorded both albums. Having this rock haven to record and produce the album, gives us the freedom to make the record our way, with Marius professionally guiding us through the recording process – before adding his own magic touches with his unique playing style on the guitar and mixing skills. The finishing touches are made together with Ruben Willem, who has mastered both our albums.

About the album title… How did you come to it?

Haha, Caps Lock Woke Rock. I don’t know. It’s just something that pops into your head at some point, like an apparition. But for sure our music is written in capital letters, and as the term woke is diluted from every degree of the spectrum, I suppose we are woke to some degree. 

On the new album you went for a more hard rock sound, compared to hardcore before. What is the reason for this change of direction?

That’s just the curl of the burl. It’s not like we sit down and say “Hey, let’s write a this-genre record”. Music is ever changing, both among us and within us. We’re really diverse in terms of music taste within the band, and I feel that if our music preferences would romantically reproduce in a candlelight orgy – the offspring would be CLWR, where our drummer’s genes were thankfully weak.

Prancing melodic guitars, experimental blast beats and a droning bass, topped with a scream vocal” became the core of your sound. What new elements would you see for yourself in terms of sound development?

Oh. As you might suspect, we are already in the early stages of writing our next album – and so far it is dark. I don’t know where we’ll end up on this next one, but for sure there are some new elements being thrown into the mix – but one of them is the double bass drum. I think we’ll leave it at that. 

Can we talk about your punk attitude and socially critical lyrics? Why do you think modern society needs this message?

Bah. It is not going well, is it? The warning signs are constantly scratched onto our retinas, but still people remain blind to the fact, or are just completely lacking in integrity. Money corrupts and rules, and people don’t seem to be willing to take as much as a breath outside their bubbles of luxury and comfort. If woke indeed means to be awake, then we’ll gladly wear that hat on this matter and try to spark change, however small.”

The album, as well as your latest singles, has pretty cool cover artwork. What is behind this concept?

This is the work of Sigbjørn Lilleeng. He is a renowned cartoon artist, with a special mind. We have simply fed him the album and the lyrics, and given him full artistic freedom to draw his take on it. To be honest, only he knows the full meaning and symbolism of it aIl, but we love its uniqueness in terms of style and motive. I would really recommend buying a vinyl copy of the record to see the artwork full scale, because the level of detail is simply stunning.

MAKTKAMP is undoubtedly a live-band. You have played an impressive number of concerts since 2020 and were at Øya and Pstereo festivals in 2022. What’s so great for you about playing live? And what are your concert plans for this year?

Ah, the live stage. That’s what our music is made for, and sometimes it acts like a sixth member in our band when we write songs. For us, the synergy effect between us and the audience during a live show is the main reason why we do this, so we’re really excited about the tour this year. We will be playing in most of Norway between Kristiansand and Tromsø, and the release show with Hypermass at John Dee on May 13th will be something special.

Kjetil Elverum – vocals
Kristian Leonhardsen – guitar
Marius Melleby – guitar
Aleksander Melbye – bass
Sigbjørn Foss – drums

Artwork: Sigbjørn Lilleeng