‘Dance or Die’, Murder Maids’ new album and tour

Photo: Lasse Amundsen

Murder Maids released their second album this Friday March 17th. The band’ debut album ‘Knives Out’ from January 2021 got really rave reviews and was nominated for best new artist of the year by Spellemannprisen. Read the interview with the band about the new album, working with Daly George at The Ranch Production House and the band’ thoughts on the upcoming tour.

You said previously that on the new album you “wanted to have a more “modern” approach soundwise, rather than the old school sound you hear from our first album”. By what means did you achieve this?

This time we wanted to try something completely new in terms of sound and the mix on the record has given the album a more modern sound than before. The songs also have several elements that make the songs more modernistic in some way.

Could you mention any bands or songs which became the inspiration for the new album?

The album itself is not inspired by certain bands. The record contains songs that are relatively different from each other, so you can hear that some songs take inspiration from bands we have listened to in recent years.

There were already released three singles from the new album – ‘Norwegian Hollywood’, ‘Two Faced’ and ‘Loud, Lewd, Lazy’. Are you happy with the response from the public and press?

Yes, people seem to like it.

‘Dance or Die’ was mixed and mastered by Daly George at The Ranch Production House in Southampton. What can you say about this collaboration?

Daly is a really talented guy who reached out to us some time after the first record came out and offered his mixing services for any future projects we might have coming up. When the time was due to start mixing the second album we received a handful of test mixes from a few different guys, but ultimately found Daly to be the guy for the job. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and we’re very happy about how the record turned out!

You tour a lot. Could you tell me about a couple of shows from last year which became especially memorable for you? And what are you looking forward to the most this year?

Our show with Zugly at Verkstedhallen was an absolute blast, super fun guys to share a stage with. And Punkfest at Blårock in Tromsø, with lots of other great bands and people! Definitely one of our favorite spots to play, can’t wait to go back there for Buktafestivalen 2023.

Super stoked to finally play the new album in full live! We’ve teased some of the songs live this past year and the response has been great. Getting to do a proper release-tour this time around makes a big difference and we can’t wait to see everyone out there! Just hope we remember the new songs…

Murder Maids
Noah Valentin Foshaug – vocals
Bendik Melting Rødli – guitar
Jon Anders Venger – drums
Elias Motzfeldt Fredriksen – guitar
Max Westen Aune – bass

‘Dance or Die’
Recorded by Per Borten at Sorgarden Studio
Mixed and mastered by Daly George at The Ranch Production House
Released via Fücking North Pole Records
Cover art: Murder Maids