“I Remember Us, My Dear”, Sweetheart’ new EP is out now via Mother Likes It Records.

Photo: Siri Zimarseth

With this record the duo follow up their award-winning eponymous debut album from 2020. The EP is available on CD and all streaming services and will be released on vinyl on December 10th.

From John-Arne Ø. Gundersen of Sweetheart:

“Almost a year ago I was at home playing guitar and while I was playing, I started to think of a memory. I remembered a vacation with my wife. We travelled to the U.S. 10 years ago and were driving this oversized rental car that we named Doug through the redwoods in California, and we had a really nice time. I wrote about that and started to rummage my mind for any other memories, and I wrote them down too. The lyrics are just a collection of memories, for situations I remembered about my dear. That ended up as the lyrics for the song “I Remember Us, My Dear”, which is also the title of our new EP. And that song kind of set the mood for this EP. In all of the songs there’s a melancholy and feeling of absence. Something is missing. This time we added drums and bass on a couple of the songs, so there is also more of a band feeling, and a soundscape that is not all that minimalistic as on our debut album. And, by the way, there is also a car in almost all of the new lyrics. God knows why, I’m not interested in cars, I’m a mediocre driver, I crashed three times before I turned 20, once with a bus, once with a wall, and once with one of my teachers from high school. And the car I drive now is an ugly station wagon with dents and CDs on the floor. Perhaps a car is in these songs to add a sense of travelling, leaving, going somewhere.”

John-Arne Ø. Gundersen: vocal / acoustic guitar
Anne Mette Hårdnes: vocal / piano

Additional musicians:
Christer Engen: drums and percussion 
Marcus Forsgren: bass guitar
Stian Jørgen Sveen: pedal steel guitar / square-neck resonator guitar / acoustic guitar / banjo

“I Remember Us, My Dear”:
Written by John-Arne Ø. Gundersen
Produced by Marcus Forsgren and Sweetheart 
Recorded and mixed by Marcus Forsgren at Studio Paradiso
Mastered by George Tanderø
Cover art: Anette L’orange