Meet Cosima and Dimi – the people behind Midira Records

Photo: Klaus Kort

Midira Records is a small label located in Essen (Germany) with a focus on limited vinyl, cd and tape releases. 

The label has already an impressive number of great projects from all over the world in its collection. So for example last year Midira Records released, among other things, the album “V” by the Trondheim based duo Yodok (Kristoffer Lo and Tomas Järmyr). And looking at the first releases of this year, I can only say one thing – 2022 at Midira Records looks very promising. 

But how did it all start? And what direction has the label now?

“We started running the label to support artists we like, first we thought we can do a couple of records per year, but soon we became obsessed with the label and all involved artists.” – Dimi says

“We are focussed on drone, ambient and experimental music, mostly created by guitar, but also created with electronic instruments. We always try to support new artists, that could fit in the currently shaped direction of the label.

Since the pandemic started, we tried to release a lot free digital music, to introduce new artists but also to share new music with all our fans. Music helps us in those times, so we thought it could also help other listeners.

We started this year with three tape releases from different spots in the world, like Australia, Paraguay and Italy.

Up next are two vinyl+cd releases by our long time collaborators Nadja / Aidan Baker and thisquietarmy x N.”

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