Run Run Run (Leaving the Village), the second single from Miss Nöyd’ upcoming EP out today via Westergaard Records

Photo: Jeremy Knowles

Read the interview with Miss Nöyd and don’t forget – EP Leaving the Village out on May 13! Save the date!

If we look at Run Run Run (Leaving the Village) as the title track of the upcoming EP, could we say that it defines the mood of the whole album?

Not entirely, I would say Run, Run, Run is the grounding of the EP allowing the mood in the other songs to shift into a more ethereal, but still dark mood.

You say this single is probably one of your favourite songs from the EP. Could you tell us why?

With this song I felt I could finally put words and a voice to this restless feeling a lot of young people (including a younger version of me) feels when their surroundings claims they are destined to become something they do not want to become

The lyrics give us examples of alcoholism and bullying. Why do you think it’s important to cover such tough aspects of life?

I believe art and music have this magic way of giving people temporary relief, signs of compassion and connection to a part of themselves that is not always appreciated by their surroundings — by singing about these difficult topics I hope to let people know that they are seen, that their experiences are real,  that they are loved and that there is hope and a possibility to ‘get away from it’ exists. 

Musically, what new did you want to achieve with this single?

I wanted to show more of what Miss Nöyd is made from, by giving the lyrics the space they deserve without compromising on the musical feeling of the song. I love songs where you can discover and appreciate new details of it every time you listen, and I feel that in the collaboration with co-producer Andres Barlesi we have managed this. The sound is softer and calmer and Andres’ details in the piano and steel-guitar really works like we wanted.

One special thing for me was adding a ‘neigbourhood choir’ singing with me on the choruses, symbolising all the voices of the people that see your situation as a young person, telling you that you can do better. These voices exist everywhere, in all villages and bigger cities and are crucial and important. I got some good friends and fellow Berlin musicians to be part of this, which made the symbolic meaning even bigger for me since they are now part of my current neighbourhood. 

What are your biggest expectations for the upcoming EP release?

I hope that with this EP I can reach even more people with the music that I have made until now, and that maybe the EP will awaken a curiosity for what will come from Miss Nöyd after the EP. This is after all only a beginning. I also hope to be able to create a small tour with this music, visiting old and new venues around Europe.

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