Yasuragi Land, the new album by Foodman

Photo: Noriko Higuchi

Probably contemporary Japanese music is not what we’re listening to every day, but Yasuragi Land by Foodman is the perfect start to get inspired by and fall in love with the contemporary music of Land of the Rising Sun. This album has everything we love Japan for – minimalism, Japanese street food market, neon signs, silent beauty of landscapes and a fabulous combination of classical and modern culture, which is not found in any other country in the world.

And in my opinion, this album is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting and extraordinary releases of July. 

Takahide Higuchi, the musician behind the moniker Foodman, raised and resident in Nagoya, Japan. For this album he draws his inspiration, among other things, from what he loves in his everyday life – eating at Michinoeki (Japanese motorway service stations) or visiting the local Sento (Japanese public baths).

From Takahide Higuchi: “When I go to these places, I’m able to enjoy the atmosphere. I wanted to create an honest album that combines the sound of guitar and percussion with the sense of peace and community I feel in here amidst the uncertainty of the future. Yasuragi Land is that place of ‘tranquillity’.”

Tranquility, lightness and refinement are the main notes on this album. And the rhythm. The rhythm is that connecting element that makes the album one piece. During 15 tracks of Yasuragi Land we are immersed in an incomparable atmosphere and smoothly flowing soundscape full of mechanical rhythm, wooden flute, guitar and wooden drums.

Foodman Yasuragi Land
Realase via Hyperdub
Digital/CD release date: July 9
LP release date: August 27

Cover photo: Press/Foodman